C-STEMP EDUTECH emerged out of the need of the parent organization to take advantage of technology to scale up skills training delivery while maintaining prescribed standards.

The short term objective of C-STEMP SKILLS (the mother organization) is to spawn a network of training providers that can complement it to build up a critical mass/database of up to one million trained, assessed and certified artisans (in the medium to long term) who would be duly registered in a data-base to be managed centrally by C-STEMP for the benefit of all critical stakeholders.

This strategic goal immediately communicates a huge need for scaling and standardization of not just the business but access, value and impact.

C-STEMP EDUTECH therefore aims to help the C-STEMP board, staff and partners play their part in tackling the digital divide and digital exclusion that we’re faced with.


To provide new and innovative forms of support for teachers, students and the learning process more broadly using information and communication technologies in education (particularly TVET).